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About SoHo Table Hockey

Table Hockey is thrilling! Table Hockey is timeless! Table a true reality sport and an exhilarating revival is happening right here, right now in New York City!


In the 1970‘s, right here at the Hilton in midtown Manhattan, tournaments were played featuring upwards of 120 players from throughout the world. The players battled, strategized, and pushed the limits of their physical dexterity so they could champion the sport known as “chess at 700mph.” This was prime time for Table Hockey. Unfortunately, the emergence of home video games in the early 1980’s and later the Internet, nearly wiped out the sport. 

Now, I have the unique opportunity to bring back a game I believe in to New York City and beyond. A game that builds character. A game that challenges players to prevail without the help of a “super turbo strength” button. A game that encourages physical, mental and social interaction, which can also positively influence our youth, who are hungry for something beyond the hypnotic experience of their computers and video games. 

Table Hockey is truly one of the greatest games ever made. It’s great fun for all ages from 8 to 80, singles and families. With the collaboration of several longtime All-Star Table Hockey players, we are bridging the past to the future and creating the premier Table Hockey Tournament in North America.  

The future is SoHo Table Hockey.  Come and Drop the Puck!

~ Johnny "Lightning" Fayolle

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