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The SoHo Table Hockey Tournament Game is the Leading Choice of Tournament Organizers and Top Players throughout North America!

SoHo games are played on the NTHL Tournament circuit in New York, Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Quebec City, and more. 

Superior Design

Original North American table hockey games were not designed to stand the test of time or the rigors of high-level, competitive tournament play. They were a typical gift found under the Christmas tree from the 1930s to the late 80s and intended to bring joy to children. The most widely sold game in North America from 1963 till 1988 was the Coleco/Eagle "S" Slot pattern game. It was marketed first as the Eagle and then the Coleco Stanley Cup Hockey Game.


SoHo Table Hockey has redesigned the Classic "S" Slot game with state-of-the-art components complemented by exotic woods from around the world. 

State-of-the-Art Playing Surface

Our game surfaces are now made with 3/4 inch CFC boards. These new improved CFC game surfaces (combination fiber core) wed the best attributes of MDF/Particle Board core and veneer core. The center cores are cross banded hardwood, providing strength & light weight. The outer cores are MDF and hardboard giving the game surfaces a flat, uniform surface that is made to last a lifetime. These new CFC game surfaces are a combination core, as it is sometimes called, is highly desirable where both smoothness and strength are critical. All of our SOHO Table Hockey Games come with our new improved CFC playing surface and are found on every tournament quality game we proudly make.


These games are made to be played hard...

Exotic Wood

The games are made from hand sourced exotic woods from around the world such as:

White Oak

Red Oak

African Sapele

African Ribbon Sapele

Canadian Cherrywood

Unbendable Control Rods

Our rods are made of unbendable, high-tensile strength music wire steel. This means the rods will always be perfectly cylindrical and can withstand aggressive or tournament-level play. You'll never have to worry about bent rods ever again! 

Energy-Absorbing Walls

The walls have energy-absorbing material to keep the puck in play and moving consistently throughout the game surface. The puck won't hit the wall and bounce off the game during aggressive or tournament-level play.

Plexiglass Surround

This one-of-a-kind surround is recessed into the side of the game. It is removable, cleanable, and replaceable.

First of Their Kind Vinyl Player Decals

In the past, all decals were made of paper. Our new decals allow you to remove and reaffix a decal whenever you want!

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